One of the great features of smartphones is the ability to take panoramic photos. The phone utilizes the video filming capability and then uses the different frames taken in the video to create an amazing still photo. Users can take a photo of up to 360 degrees. Most of the time it doesn’t work well if what you’re taking a panoramic photo is in a straight line. The best results come from the object of the photo being in an arch or round configuration. ┬áSome of the best panoramic photos taken are of the subject being arranged in a circle. However one of my most favorite and memorable photos was taken in the Diego Rivera room at the Detroit Institute of Arts museum. The room is 50 feet high with murals – painted by famed Diego Rivera many decades ago. In fact the museum recently had an exhibit featuring the famed artist from Cuba.

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The room itself features Rivera’s take on modern industrialization. There are images of workers working hard in their factories. It appears to be anti industrialization. There appears to be war making factories which Detroit during WWII was known as the arsenal of democracy. The cities automotive manufacturing was put on pause as factories – most notably Ford Motor Company producing planes and tanks and other weapons of war. Although munitions were not manufactured in the city many troop transport and war planes were manufactured. It was an amazing display of what and how manufacturers helped out in the war effort to defeat the Germans in the European theater. Other equipment including amphibious assault vehicles were also manufactured for the Pacific theater to defeat Japan. Because many men were out of the factories fighting in the war effort many women entered the working class and that is Rosie the Riveter was born.

The Diego Rivera room includes murals four walls of murals and all would normally have to be photographed with four wide-lens cameras to capture the enormous murals. It would be a difficult photo to then blend the four different murals. However with the use of panoramic photo taking capability in my smartphone I was able to capture three of the murals in one photograph resulting in a stunning and breathtaking photo.

The challenge comes in what to do with the panoramic digital photo. Normally users leave them in their phone and the stunning photo is never enjoyed in a tangible print. Most people might share their photo on social sites but it stays there locked in the digital world. By printing the panoramic the user can then display the beautiful photo in their home or at the office for all to see and for the user to remember the great memory that led them to first take the photograph in the first place. The ability to get a print up to 3 feet long then becomes a real benefit to someone who frames it and lets the world enjoy their moment. But where to find a place to print this amazing memory remains difficult. Until now.

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